unveil at the 2019 Mcacn


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We did very well at the show this year. The car received a gold certificate for concourse day one even though it was a day two car and it also received the best Buick award. 20191124_175746.jpg
sadly it was scheduled to be a feature in an upcoming issue of Muscle car review, however they have discontinued the print edition. the on line is https://www.hotrod.com/articles/rare-1970-buick-455-stage-1-drowns-and-needs-45-year-rescue/. ~BOB


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Bob, when I was growing up, a neighbor he was about 35 in 70, but a few years before that, he sent his wife packing because she did not like his idea of buying his love the Buick stages.
I will never forget he called my mom and said send Barry over
As soon as he gets home.
He had just bought a new 455 stage
And said there is no car faster!
At that point he had every stage buick made.
Last i saw him was in 1974 and he still had all the cars and was driving a 67 xke to work he referred to as his junker. Lol


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Well it's been awhile since the last post on this car however I'm happy to inform that it's a feature car in the March 2021 Hemmings Muscle Machines. This article was supposed to be in the Feb 2020 issue of Muscle car review but they pulled the plug on that magazine. So now I get some hard copy for my office. ~BOB