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Two tone project

Hello folks...it has been a couple of years since I finished my last project (SPI red 240Z Datsun) and now have tackled another one which has caused my some concern. I have an '80 Chevy stepside pickup that has been sitting for about 12 years and I am bringing it back to life. This will be the first two tone paint I have attempted and have a couple of questions. I have the bed off and the fenders removed but plan on working the cab as one unit. I plan on going with Chevy dark blue (Smokey Mountain Blue) (which was factory color) and then use a medium dark silver as the contrast. The fenders are no problem as I will spray them off the truck, but I have a question on the cab. I plan on using blue on the top part of cab, hood, and bed and then follow the body line on the side of the cab for a silver section on the bottom. I have read several things on the forums about how to approach two tones. Is it best to spray the minor color first, cover it with SPI intercoat, mask it off, and then spray the major color of blue of do that whole thing in reverse? If I use intercoat on the first color, should I match that with intercoat on the second color before spraying Universal clear on the whole thing? Is it best to overpsray the first color and then cover it of spray to a hard tape line? Sorry for the long post, but wanted you to have all the info for response.
in most cases you spray the smallest color first. there can be other considerations like color and how well your colors cover but not in this case. blue and silver will be no problem. do your silver then blue. no masking necessary. just spray the color, wait overnight, mask away the silver and spray the second color. unmask then clear it. for most mid and premium bases will not need any intercoat if you wait overnight. some econo bases can be gummy and may need it.
Thanks for the suggestions. I live in a pretty rural area and my local NAPA store sells Martin Seynor products. Does anyone have experience with either of their product lines? I am concerned about messing up while removing tape.