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Turbo primer, How long before I can wet sand it?

I'm using Turbo primer for the first time. It seemed super thick when I was mixing it (4:1:1) and was concerned my 1.8 tip wouldn't spray it. Wrong!
It came out so fast I got huge runs :) I dialed back the flow and reduced my air and got better results.
I sprayed 2 coats and waited 1/2 hour between coats.
On to my question.
The data sheet says "100% cured in 3 hours at 75 degrees".
My garage is only about 60 degrees today. How long do I have to wait before I wet sand it? I'd like to get those runs out of it before anyone I know sees them...

That's a tough one for me to answer, it's been a while that I run the turbo primer.

Under normal application with regular flash times it can be dried sanded in 30 mins.

If you have a curing lamp you could 'bake' the panel and could probably sand it in an hour.
Well I waited about 5 hours and dry sanded it. It sanded great. Now I know.
I have more spraying to do and the garage temp will be about the same 60 degrees or so.

Hmmmm. I like that. It mentioned curing water base paint in less than 6 minutes. Any clue how long to cure solvent based paints? I know I would have to keep moving it around the car. But in time, I may be able to get another one :)
The question I have is how would I know when the paint in the 2x3 area is cured so I can move to the next area?
An infrared thermometer and some experience using the lamp with different products will teach you what you need to know. Most of the time we let products dry overnight, but the lamp has its uses. The last time we used it, it was to finish curing a freshly plastic bumper so it could be flipped over for reassembly. The time before that, it was to kick off some door skin glue. Generally speaking, you need to position the lamp so that the surface doesn't exceed 140°F, but the SPI tech manual says not to exceed 120°.