Trans am steering wheel

Dave C.

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Looking for advice with the refurnishing of the formula and trans am steering wheels used from 1970-81. The rim is foam and deteriorates over time. I have used flexible bumper repair material to replace chunks which may be missing and large cracks. I coated the last wheel with spi black epoxy and it looked great. Just saw the car a couple years after doing it and it had cracks all over where the owner had been grabbing it. Any ideas as to what I can try next?
IMO the only proper and permanent way to fix that would be new vinyl/ foam. Everything else is just a band aid and will eventually fail. The deteriorating vinyl and foam is the issue and nothing really applied over it is going to be a permanent fix. Not going to feel right in your hands either. Maybe research some how vacuum forming vinyl dashes works. The process would be the same for a steering wheel. Just a softer durometer foam.
For a driver I’d definitely have it leather wrapped. With the cars I’m working on they must appear as original. Was thinking for the next to apply epoxy to the foam before any repair work in order to let it soak in and maybe hold it together.
Yes NextGen. There are differences with many early ones and the repos are flimsy, so I’d like to repair originals.