To Patch or Weld Up rust holes


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Hello all you auto body experts. I have started my first attempt at doing some work on my 1954 Chevy 210 post. Disappointingly, I have come across some more serious rust than it first appeared to be on the surface. That's probably common in your industry! I need some advice on my best course of action. Keep in mind that I am a carpenter and a very, very novice metal worker. I have a Hobart 210 for welding and I am cutting with a .040 metal cutting wheel.

After grinding, aggressive wire wheel and Eastwood Rust Dissolver with wire brush, the following pictures show the results. (Is Ospho a better choice?) Questions: Do I need to sand blast to get all the black spots out? At what point do I decide to cut out the areas and patch? The back side of all the areas looks to be solid. It is either, still red primer or undercoat, as seen in a picture. Is it OK to just weld in the holes? All but one hole was made by my forceful ice pick pressure. If it is OK to weld up holes, if any trace of rust is left in the area of hole and gets into the weld puddle, will that contaminate the weld and then start rusting again?? Or does the heat destroy rust?

One picture shows a section under the gravel guard area ( it is outlined in white). Behind this area I found some inner structure rusting out. The rusted area is right behind the large oblong hole. My thought was to cut out along the white line to get access to that area. At about the top line, there is a inner horizontal structure. So cutting a larger hole would not help unless I also cut out that area for access. From top line to bottom line is about 4.5 inches. Anybody had experience with this area? Is 4.5 inches enough room to work or should I plan on making the hole larger and take out any inner obstacles? If I take out a larger area, should I go up to the area that the side trim is in and make the butt joint under the trim?

I sure hope I have explained my repair needs so that you understand what I am asking. I have read a lot in the SPI forum and have learn a lot already. Thank you all for the time you spend helping other out!!

I ordered some SPI Epoxy Primer today from Andy. Very helpful guy! With all the great reviews on this forum, I am looking forward to using it. Now, if these rust problems would just go away, I could make some progress.. Thanks to all!View attachment 16071View attachment 16072View attachment 16073View attachment 16074View attachment 16075View attachment 16076View attachment 16077


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In the other thread I was thinking it was just those spots. It'll be best to replace the whole panel if you can get new quarters or find a rust free donor panel. The bottom corner likely rusted from the inside out, so there is probably more rust on the inner panel that the quarter welds to.