Tiny Rust Holes Under Trim

j b

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2020-10-16 13.04.00.jpg

I have started removing the paint off this hood and there are tiny rust holes along the leading edge that would be covered by trim.

What would you guys do to these?

I was thinking about hitting them with the sandblaster to get everything I can out and then just leaving them if I'm sure the trim will cover them. My other thought was to hit them with some Ultra Glass after blasting at them.

I know it's gonna be a can of worms if I try to weld some patches in and this hood is super straight right now.
I guess it depends on the car and its worth to you.
The rust is coming from the back side and is worse than you think. The other little blisters showing are rust holes as well.
On a high dollar restoration, the metal needs to be rust free or it's gonna come back in short order. If its a driver and you don't want to spend the time or the money to fix it right, there are alternate ways to deal with it.


Fix it now or fix it in two years after it’s been painted. One guess which is cheaper. How hard to split the outer and inner so you can fix everything?

j b

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I had some metal cut and bent to patch it with and then I found an aftermarket hood on craigslist for $300 that had some minor damage, so I went that way. I figured I would never be able to get all the rust out. It was much worse after sandblasting and sanding/poking at it.