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Time between base and UC

I am about to start on a paint job that will include shooting base (not SPI since it need to be a Mopar Blue), then masking and painting stripes on the hood and installing decals before shooting the UC. What sort of time do I have to shoot the stripes (and is it ok to shoot SPI black over some other manufactures base) and install the decals before I shoot the UC?

Just a heads up, I had let some Nason base dry for 12 hours and still had some tape pull base up. Nason was the only thing immediatly available and afterwards I found out on this Forum that it takes forever to set strongly. Different bases are different, but IIRC many people let their base set for days while doing graphics/artwork and have no adhesion issues with clear
I tape over DBC PPG in 4 hours with SPI slow reducer (activated your base right!!!????) Wont hurt it to sit a whole day if NOT in the sun.