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Thoughts on this fresh air respirator

The thing with full face masks is not all faces and heads are shaped the same. Just like respirators there is no such thing as one size/shape fits all. You can have the potential for a leak which is something you don't want. That's where a hood is the best choice, mustaches/beards and head/face size and shape don't cause a seal issue to the fresh air hood. No more greasing up your face to get a good seal on the mask.
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i am not saying either was is right or wrong. i am just throwing this out there and you guys that use these things tell me if i am wrong with my thinking here. with a full face mask on an air supplied system like this, isnt this positive pressure so it wouldnt matter if the mask leaked because air is only going to exit out the leak anyway? isnt that really the whole point of a supplied system? with that said, these hoods aren't sealed any better than a mask would be right? they come down over your shoulders and all but arent they all just open at the bottom. i would think a mask would be more airtight?
I see your point with both issues and the fact that there is a positive air flow. I would think that with a hood there would be a less likely chance of leaks because the flap of the hood would be tucked under/in a paint suit collar or shirt collar where the mask is just covering the face.
We have one in the shop but having a full downdraft booth you can darn near paint without anything so I just use a regular respirator.
i just use a reg respirator in my booth as well. i had a fresh air mask maybe 15 years ago but only used it a few times then went back to my reg respirator. this is why i was asking. i havent used one of those things in years.
if you have plenty of exhaust I really don't see a need especially with a downdraft. Plus that huge hose can be troublesome, there is enough to worry about without that hanging down tripping me.


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I'll admit I'm like you guys as well. Used them some in the past, not crazy about them especially in a good booth. They have their place and honestly we should all be using them but in practice they are cumbersome and bulky. One reason why the well engineered ones are $1000+. Only reason I do like a hood better is the comfort aspect of it versus a full face mask.
hello as a hobby painter myself i have the exact unit your looking at...it works well if you have no booth to suck out those deadly clear coat fumes, and yes the positive pressure keeeps out all fumes,you will need to plan out your moves while painting because the fresh air hose and gun hose can get wrapped up with each other...as you get use to it you will be more aware of it...i have my hose going thru the wall to my air conditioned office to the pump...that cool air is a plus when hot.and they do have like an acetate cover that goes over the lens...it works well but a lil dust still gets by it.for the money its reasonable protection...much cheaper than a pair of lungs