This ain’t no black single stage…

I just now saw this! Absolutely beautiful. I have to assume the car is all put back together by now. Any pictures of it now?
I too am a "backyard" painter...or lets say garage painter It's only hobby for me. I've probably done maybe a dozen total. Just finished the impersonator half of my '55 Chevy hardtop this past May.
You did an outstanding job!
I’m just a hack, but I understand enough to know that was a tough color to lay down.
The funny thing is when I see it my brain says I don’t like it, but I swear I just keep staring at it. I don’t know, it’s an intriguing color…
Michael won his class at the Dallas Autorama.

Jesus! Don, do you ever sleep?
I delivered the painted roller a couple of years ago. Michael did the rest of the work. I just updated the thread for his win.

Painted rollers are my bread and butter. I do some full builds but I prefer these painted roller jobs.
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