The Joys of painting race cars.........


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Thanks for sharing OJ! Nice work.

On the Grand national, is the masking on the floor to protect the floor or prevent agitating dust under the car while painting? I have yet to paint a full car, and am trying to be observant on how you folks setup to spray.



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Yes, than and to seal off the bottom of the car so the suspension doesnt get any over spray on it.

For dust I have found that carpet was the best thing to use! But my old carpet was trashed and I had to toss all of it.


Garage hack at night.....
Some more progress from the weekend. I still have to cut and buff it but I started just putting small parts back on just because I am tired of tripping over them. Also Started on the engine bay. That was supposed to be a simple scuff and reshoot, but the decision was made that some of the engine bay will now be body color. Then I looked at the POS wing and that would have just looked like total shit, so I recleared it.







Garage hack at night.....
I had Chinese food the other day for lunch and I haven't been right progress last night was slightly slow. Got the wing assembled, which will probably be replaced in the near future because its a total piece of shit... Also installed the window clip studs that I completely forgot about.





Garage hack at night.....
LMAO! I usually run with the standard "authentic" Chinese dish of Almond boneless chicken and brown rice. You know...what they eat on the homeland!!

But who knows, they had it ready in 3 minutes so it was probably from the week before!
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Yayy, more progress...




The doors, while they are factory doors they have been heavily modified and cut up. He bought them and they had some rigged up interior handle. So I ordered a new handle kit from Tim Mcamis and with the stock rod and latch I was able to make something that works pretty well.

Got the decklid repainted. Should have it buffed tonight.


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That's the best feeling.......seeing it leave. Nice work OJ. :cool:

P.S. Chinese have no qualms about using dog or cat in their "chicken" dishes. I've heard too many stories over the years backing that up. o_O They eat cat and dog in China so they have no problem with doing that here. The small "mom and pop" Chinese places are the worst for that. No Chinese food for me ever! Japanese and Korean only for me if we go out for Asian food.