Tape sticky residue


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I used masking tape to delineate some graphics I painted (with Raptor liner) on my truck, but the tape has left a gummy sticky residue. What can I use to get it all off without damaging the new raptor paint? Any help would be appreciated.


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How long after basing before you pulled tape?
If you have a thick,wet edge against your tape,it's better to have a long flash time before pulling tape. Better a slight hard edge than, Gum or lifting the base which is worse.
Let the residue dry some because your just going to smear it and the paint. Likely going to be some touching up too.
Graphics are Always, light,thin,multiple coats.
Idea is Not to Wet out your Tape. Solvent Resistant, not Solvent Proof.....
Generally whatever hard edge will easily remove, basically flake off once dried or a dull knife edge or such run over it at an angle. Not perpendicular!
And if your base gets "tape marks/tracks", once masking is pulled,spray Them with straight Slow Reducer with a medium coat effect,enough to wet it but not run or melt,wait couple minutes and if still there,go again. The Base will flow out and tracks will be gone. It takes practice but has rescued many surprises instead of redoing or an easier rebaseing.