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Swirl Remover

What are you guys using to remove swirls? Lately I have been using the Sonax compound and wool pad and then sonax and orange pad to remove scratches and then using Prestal swirl remover with black pad to remove swirls, but occasionally on darker colors I am still seeing some swirls in certain lights. I order a sample pack from Chemical guys, but I was curious to which products you are using to finish out on collision type repairs? If I use V32 or sonax with wool pad what would be the next steps? V36 and orange pad and then v38 and black pad?
the sonax leaves a really nice gloss finish that almost looks polished. all you should need after that is a black foam pad with a good polish. i use the 3m perfect-ex polish. the black stuff that is made for the black pad. i dont like 3m compounds but their polish is nice. for dark colors they do have a 3rd step, ultrafina, but i have found that not really necessary
I previously used 3m but went away from them because of their compounds. It would look so good until you washed it LOL. I might try their polish again with the sonax. I have heard such good reviews about the CG stuff so I ordered the small sample pack but was unsure of how everyone was polishing. I have tried searching the forum and seems like I am finding that everyone is using different processes on finishing up their jobs.