Subfloor seams and epoxy color.


These are photos of the udeerside of the floor on my '67 Camaro.

Should I be seam sealing all these lapped joints? I don't think they were from the factory (I've owned the car since new), but it seems to me it's a great place for moisture to get in and rust to start if I don't. There's lot of lapped joints like this on the underside, but if it should be done, I'll do it. I've done all the topside lapped joints. The epoxy is SPI. I have done everything in black as I was intending to the car in HOK Kandy Base Brandywine, but have recently changed my mind and will be doing it in a standard metaillic base in a pale grey/green, similar to one of the original factory colours. Do I need to change to grey epoxy or does it matter as long as it's all the same color?
subfloor 1.jpg
subfloor 3.jpg
subloor 2.jpg
My philosophy on this is seam seal the top side and give moisture a path to drain on the bottom. If you seal both sides you will trap moisture that accumulates due to condensation.

I second that. Never seam the underside unless replacing OEM seam sealer in a spot. Like Don said moisture needs a way to drain/evap.