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stripping a corvette

thanks dave . it all went down pretty fast this time . ct late april surgery end of may .
i talk about it because i know full well there are guys on this forum who need to get a ct scan . it does not cost a lot and only takes 30 min of your time. there are no symptoms until it is far too late . my first time was 2.2 cm this one was 1.5 cm . this is about as early as it can be detected on an xray . the ct is much better . my pet showed a 1.5 cm and an 8mm . the 8 mm was a lymph node . luck of the draw the tumor was right next to the node . this is why i'm 4 rounds of chemo just in case some cells got out .
make a pact with yourself to get a ct on your birthday as a present to you and your family . early detection can buy you many more years with your loved ones . i know i will die one day but it wont be from stupid .