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Spray Lining And Coatings

Discussion in 'Bedliner' started by rusty428cj, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Tony Gaspaccio

    Tony Gaspaccio Registered Users

  2. Bob Hollinshead

    Bob Hollinshead Oldtimer

    Rusty, how did it work?
  3. rusty428cj

    rusty428cj Rusty Gillis

    So far all I have sprayed is the back of the fenders and don't like it. Very hard to mix (directions confusing) no directions on how to adjust that hopper gun. First coat I sprayed went on too heavy and I had runs plus over spray goes everywhere. The next problem is tape doesn't stick to it so we will have to spray it after the car is painted which I'm not crazy about doing.
  4. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    I'm still watching these threads, figuring out what to replace SPI bedliner with. Looks like "SLC" is not going to be it, especially if tape won't stick.
  5. 87max

    87max Member

  6. mitch_04

    mitch_04 Learnin'

    Any updates on this? What has everyone been using?

    Barry had mentioned selling the formula for someone else, IIRC. Any updates on that either?
  7. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    I'm still needing a new brand of liner, too. My jobber sells SEM, but I've not tried it.
  8. dhutton01

    dhutton01 Member

    I've been using the SEM. It has a hard shiny finish which makes it easy to clean.


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