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Spray gun problems, please help

I will keep everyone updated. I forgot to order my can of gun soak, but I do have all the gaskets on the way.

Side question... does anyone know of good sources for Iwata parts? I have been ordering through JB Tools website but throughout the process I put in 3 orders within 24 hours which would have totalled $100 for free shipping, but separately did not and were $7 shipping each. $21 shipping for stuff that would fit in an envelope, and should have been free if ordered at once. Mind you this was on Sunday so nobody was picking up shipping, orders should be able to be adjusted. The customer service lady said she can't modify orders once placed, which I find very odd. I've ordered from Coast Airbrush sometimes but I've had mixed luck with them. I may look into a Sata 5000 if the parts are more readily available.
Small update....

Parts are starting to funnel in, although I'm still waiting for my gun soak. The new fluid adjustment guide nut (9) came and apparently Iwata did an update as the packing material is now on the outside of the nut instead of the inside. On the diagram I posted you can see how the metal is machined to a nipple on the front, now they put the packing over that nipple. My others seem to be inside of the nut itself. Hopefully the parts soak will come tomorrow and I can get things cleaned up and tried out over the weekend.

Most everything except the air cap is the same on the LPH400 & 440, even the same needles. I've been ordering 2 of everything, hope to have some nice clean guns prior to the paint flying.