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Spi reds

Forgot to ask for chips my last order. Can someone make a comparison to oem reds that are similar
to the 3 different Spi reds.
Had my mind on the newer Ford Race red for my 69 mach , but think I may like the slightly less orange color of the newer red on the dodge viper called Adrenaline Red.
Looking for a clean deep bright red like that. Assuming that maybe close to Spi's medium red? Or closer to their dark red?
The Spi's lightest red maybe a little too orange closer to fords race red? Not sure.
Here is a picture of SPI Dark Red.
This truck was painted in Corvette Rally Red at one point and the SPI Dark Red is a very close match.
Test Fitting Emblem.JPG

I will be spraying the tailgate of this truck soon and eventually the whole truck.
Should have texted Rusty428, see what his thoughts were. Seems he's messing with a lot of older fords.
Thanks for the pic R/T