SPI epoxy / Eastwood fast Etch / Interior of car


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Hello All,

Had my car (interior and Engine bay only) sandblasted 4 weeks ago and I thought it would have been painted by now, but my paint guy was out for personal reasons. Car has been stored in a garage and has only seen minor surface rust which I've tackled with Eastwood fast etch. Now that my paint date is set in 2 weeks I am prepping car for SPI's Epoxy. I have removed the seam sealer and have sanded sandblasted areas with 120 grit sandpaper. My question is the neutralization of Eastwood fast etch, they, Eastwood, state to spray Acetone and wipe it off, but per SPI's TDS it states to not use Acetone. Should I rewet with Fast etch and rinse with water or should I rewet it with Ospho and rinse with water to neutralize?

Also, how much water is need to neutralize an area? I'm not too comfortable with water in the interior with open seams and flat surfaces. I was thinking of having water in a spray bottle and spray and dry off with a clean rag and repeat a few times, then use shop vac blower and heat gun to dry the area.

Lastly, I could only purchase 1 out of the two SPI's wax and grease remover since the 710 cannot be sold to CA. I only have 700 waterborne wax and grease remover, would this be in issue when prepping?


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You will need to reapply and rinse with water imho. Just lay down some towels and spray away. Rags will likely leave a lot of snags. Blow it dry.

700 should be fine for blasted interior metal imho.



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120 is okay as long as it's fresh and sharp. Don't use it until it's dead, it's important to have a sharp "tooth."