Solvent pop


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I have 2 small areas of pinhole size Solvent pop and wondering can I wet sand or dry sand and respray?
I just put the 2nd coat of base when it happened...
Solvent pop in basecoat? That seems to indicate a pretty heavy hand, perhaps even combined with incorrect reducer selection. I would wait many hours before addressing the problem, next day would be best.
True, it could be remnant pinholes.
Happened to me. My theory is that the reducer in the base dissolved the thin layer over filler pinholes and exposed them. Not a big deal, just filled with dolphin glaze, airbrushed a few light coats of sealer over the glaze and then another round of base over the whole car.
True, it could be remnant pinholes.
Hey guys, thanks for responding. I sanded one of the small areas and the pin holes are in the Primer. I passed that I missed that. Wondering if the white Primer was not the right color to have noticed. I'm happy it seems to be in small places on the rear qtrs.