Silverado Dash Pad


Hugh Hef

Just got a 2006 Silverado.Took the dash apart.Construction truck, and I like to put things on the dash, like notebooks, maps, screwdriver,etc. I guess the last guy did too, a lot of worn areas where the gray exposes the black base material, most likely ABS. Never been impressed by SEM.
Anyway to use epoxy/base/clear and keep something of the texture?
All these dashes are black ABS(or some other) I have a tan one in a Tahoe that does the same.
Assuming the dash would float, no way to break off a piece, (and bigger than my bathtub ) could I use adpro, then thin down epoxy the shoot base/clear to get the color, keep the texture and get something very durable? Would more coats of clear diminish the texture appearance?