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Service Label on 2018 Suburban?

Hi all looking for the service label on 2018 Suburban to retrieve the paint code? Looked everywhere ! Did call dealer to get paint code but just curious where they hide them??? Thanks. Dealer had no clue.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
All GM trucks have the Service Identification Label in the glove box. Look for the U then the number after it. Older colors are all numbers (usually 4) some newer colors are 3 numbers followed by a letter i.e. 917V



Trying to be the best me, I can be
Not trying to be argumentative but it's still in the glove box though. And you need an app and a smartphone to read the QR Code. Obviously most have the smartphone but finding the app would be a pain,. Especially when you can look in the glove box.
Here is a 2018

It's my understanding that the sticker is being phased out though. Have no clue about 2019's. Seems kinda stupid though to eliminate the sticker. All else fails consult your local GM dealer:)
I do know that the '19s are on the QR. Thought the 18s were the same. I stand corrected. If you still can't find it, call the dealers parts department and give them the VIN. They will find it then. 2011-14, there was no clearly marked code. That is frustrating.
I have looked in the glove box nothing at all. On door a label with Vin but not a service lable with codes for paint , interior color ........
I repaired a 17 GM truck last winter and yes Chris in glove box. The dealer did give me paint code but he had no info where this label was located.
Give me all of the sequences that start with "G". And what color the truck is. I have a chart that might be of help. You can PM them.