Seam sealer timing


Sorry for the naive question, but I'm just getting ready to spray my last couple coats of SPI epoxy for final sanding before paint. Obviously I'm an amateur hobbiest. I've used only SPI epoxy from the bare metal up and am not using any high build or polyester for surfacing. This is on a '67 Camaro, so I need to seam fill the the rain gutters, plus there are other body seams that need a fine line of seam sealer (between quarter panel and panel below back window, and around tail pan to quarter panel joints etc). As I'm hoping this will be my last application of epoxy before paint, should I be sealing before I spray this last epoxy? The epoxy has been ideal for surfacing, sands much like high build, but hoping for much less shrinkage. Any recommendations for gutter seam sealer? Thanks, Bill


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I seam seal after epoxy right before basecoat but that’s what the seam sealer (Pliogrip 2k) states to do.

Front yard hack disclaimer.
Bill, I would definitely use a 2 part seam sealer. It is worth the extra expense. They make a self leveling seam sealer but in my experience it's easy for that stuff to self level too much right down the side of the car.:) I would use regular build 2 part and smooth it if neccesarily with a little reducer on a paint wipe. Wet the wipe and very sparingly wipe/smooth the seam sealer after you have smoothed it with your finger or other suitable tool. You can also use the wipe to remove any excess. Apply it over SPI epoxy that is in the 7 day window. After it sets up (30-45 minutes usually) you can sand it to further smooth it and sand any that may have gotten places you didn't want it to. Then apply another couple of coats of SPI epoxy over it and proceed as normal.