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Sata RPS system

I'm going to set up for the Sata RPS system. It appears the choices for sieves in the lids are the flat 125um or the plug in (barrel shape) 200um sieves. No more flat 200um from what I can find. I used 200um flat screens before with no problems but they had a much larger surface area that those small plug in filters. I read of problems with the small plug in filters in the 3M. I never used the 125 sieves, thought they were for water base.
Not sure what to order, I like the flat sieves but think the 125 may be too fine and the 200 too small. Anybody use this brand?
I have the .6 RPS set now, I will have to get used to them. I ended up with the 200 barrel filters. I'll try using them, at least I can leave them out of the lids.