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Sata 4000 HVLP digital gage, not displaying anything

So on my new never been used 4000 B HVLP, the digital pressure display gage does not display anything. I removed the battery cover with the Sata tool , and confirmed there is a battery inside. I could not get the battery out. Anyone know how to get the battery out?

I set the air pressure at the wall to 30psi hooked up the gun. Still nothing shows up on the display.

I looked at the owene's manual but is says nothing on removing the battery or how to get the display to show. Manual is very sparse on information , doesn't even list all the parts of the package and what they are.
It has been a while but I had the same issue. I think there is an insulator on the battery that needs to be removed. Also did you pull the trigger when the air is connected?

Yeah I thought about the pull-out isolation tab. But I can't see any, and I have no idea how to get the battery out without damaging something. It doesn't just drop out , even after tapping the back side gently.

The below YouTube video on removing the battery is not applicable for me because the battery compartment is different on my 4000 B hvlp. In the below video the battery just pops out after the retaining screw is removed.


Top Banana
Tool looks perfect to hook under batt & pull it out or jewels screwdriver.
In pc's they snap in. Quite easy job removing batt from gun from here.
That's for the black air transfer ring behind the air cap so you can remove and clean.

I used a push-pin / wall tack to gently pry the battery out. There was no insulation strip under the battery. Is it normal for Sata to ship these guns without an insulation strip to prevent the battery draining?

Going to put a new battery in and see.