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Sanding discs

Been going through too many sanding discs lately so I decided to pony up for the ceramic ones by 3M (especially since Jegs has them on sale...and free shipping over $100). The sanding discs I was getting locally were about $0.95 each and I would have used about three doing what I did tonight. The sale price on these 3M's worked out to just over $1.50 each. I'm still on the first one and it's still going strong. I think these are going to be another of those "getting what you paid for" type things. Should have bought these long time ago.

i have been using the norton ceramic ones for years. they are the blaze discs. i have used the cubitron ones and they are good as well. i dont see much difference between the two and the nortons are a little cheaper. either one you use, cant go wrong. they are way better than regular discs.


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Robert how much difference is there between the 3M "Green Corps" and those? Green Corps are now labeled "Ceramic", wondering if there is much difference.
i bought from mcmaster/carr for years . also used SIA disc . have not tried the 3m purple disc. most 3m i tried wore out too fast. i found a big difference in autobody and hard metal type disc for machine shop work.
Chris, the last time I used the green corps I thought they lost the cutting edge far too quickly for the price. They were slightly better than the standard stuff. I don't recall if this was a ceramic version or not. Perhaps like the Trizact technology, they grit shape actually works better on this new version due to shape. I've noticed that it doesn't require much force and perhaps if one can "go gently" these last much longer due to less heat buildup.