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Rust removal..

So i unfolded this seam at the trunk bottom edge and don't think I can get it clean enough since I can't separate the panels very far.. I think the right answer is cut the bottom lip in the inside but I wanted to get some professional opinion....

the lip has a nice chrome strip and a body line that will hide lots of sins on the outside so would you cut it outer panel to gain access to blast and clean this out or would you cut the inside. The inside needs a few patch panel made so it does seem to make more sense....

Cut it here?


or is this a better choice to open it up?


DSC_0117.jpg DSC_0118.jpg
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Im far from an expert in the area, but if it were my own I would cut on the inside first and go from there. There is a good possibility that you can kill two birds with one stone doing it from the inside, fix your seam and the holes in one shot.
I had a similar situation. I fabricated and replaced the skin first so
i could be sure to keep id demensionally correct.

After the skin was solid, I cut out and fabricated the inner deck lid shell.


I might mention, I tacked the skin in place and then cut out the inner structure so I could get to the back side and planish it as I welded.
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