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Rotary Lift

Hi All Not sure where to post this question? I have a 2 post Rotary lift SP09 9,000 lb that is 20 years old and stopped working and of course a car on it down on the locking arms. When I push the up button the lift makes a lould hum and dim the lights. Thinking maybe a capacitor on the motor but when I take the cover off just a single wire and its sealed. Do I have to pull the end cap of motor to remove the wires? Just wondering if anyone has experience with this? Thanks Tom


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How many phase? I could ask my pops. He knows motors.
I'll guess it's not 3 phase cause i've heard him say they don't require what 1 & 2 phase does, more reliable, sorta.
One of the following is bad, capacitor, centrifugal switch, or start winding. Depending on the style of the motor you will probably have to pull the end cap of the motor off. When you get to the capacitor verify no voltage is present before doing anything with it. Do you have a multi meter capable of testing capacitance?
check your lines first. is it on a double breaker or to singles? Sometimes reversing the two leads do something, since they are both 110 anyway. Capacitors hold power, so the line has to be run to a ground to discharge them safely either way.
that hum is voltage passing into it. likely toast . either the pump is frozen or the brushes are gone. been there done that.


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My pops just said measure start & run caps first. Disconnect them (and of course power) for test.
Start winding short or cent. switch as Sprint said.
Pump freezing suddenly i think is rare. Good luck.
My experience is any start/ run capacitor needs at least two wires.never seen one otherwise..check the capacitance with wires off. Altho if it's sealed you won't know it's value..may have to refer to maint manual..the cap wires should run close to where power enters motor..