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Refrigerated Air Dryer

I have a chance to buy a very nice new refrigerated air dryer and would like some opinions from you guys as where is the best placement in my air system. I have a 7.5 Quncey compressor with 35' of 1" pipe to spray booth. I want to use the dryer for booth only or what do you guys think? Just a one man shop so not a lot of running of compressor. Thanks
mine is hard piped 4ft off my compressor. been working great for 10 years now. with a refer dryer there is no need to run it far from the compressor. its chilling the air so as long as you dont have it in a hot, contained room and the dryer has regular room temp air to operate in then your good to go.
What make/model is it? How old? Does it have an after cooler in it? They refer to it as a "hot or high inlet temp" (HIT) dryer, they have built in after coolers before the refrigeration part of the dryer. it will also have a fan inside to draw air thru the after cooler, it will cool the incoming compressor air to ambient temp which allows a closer placement to the compressor. They also have built in filters that need replaced from time to time, make sure it is clean they can go for quite a while before they need serviced depending on how hard it was used.

The ones without an after cooler built in should have either an after cooler installed between the compressor and the unit or placed at a distance or have enough air line to cool the incoming air before the dryer. That distance or the amount of line between the two will depend on how hard the compressor is worked while in use. Even a one man show can run the snot out of an air compressor when grinding, sand blasting using a DA etc. the tank will get very warm if not hot from time to time.

Mine is a Hankinson HIT35 (35CFM) and is placed 2 1/2ft from my compressor tank connected with a flexible high pressure hose. They are made to run and dry an entire shops air system so I say use it for that you will be in good shape.
removed the copper pipe from compressor head to tank, added needed pipe to put Pneumatech dryer in line so the hot air out of the compressor head is cooled/dried before hitting the tank. It's been running that way for over ten years now, still haven't found any accumulated moisture in the traps
What I am looking at Johnson Controls 4423-1 Used about 10 days and pulled out of plant 23 scfm . The dryer itself is about 14 years old. Thanks all
Looking at the specs you will need to regulate the inlet pressure (from the compressor) to 125psi max. The unit should work good for you. The piece of mind that all the air is dry and clean is well worth it.