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Reduced epoxy for sealer sanding question.

I sprayed reduced epoxy for a sealer today before applying base. I got some texture, looks like dry spray. And some fisheye craters. I’ve had the fisheye problem before.
I mixed and let it sit overnight before spraying.

Anyway my question is this. I’m going to let it set overnight. And sand tomorrow to get the dry spray and craters out. What grit should I sand with? Should I sand wet or dry? And then I’m assuming apply another coat before base?
you should be ok with 400grit unless your doing a fine metallic then 600. dry spray is from spraying it too dry obviously lol. the craters are from spraying it too wet and having the air from the gun blow on the wet epoxy. the epoxy can be tricky to spray. bump up the psi a few psi and back the gun away from the panel a couple inches further than you would normally spray. you want medium coats. watch double coating in overlap areas. you need to spray evenly.
Dry sanding is less messy and you can see variations without needing to dry the panel. Then, once you're satisfied, wet sand for smoothing.
I do both, more apt to wet sand in the hot summer time but in the winter I mostly
dry sand. It's just a personal preference depending on who you talk to.
Ok got basecoat on, going to let it set overnight. Now I have a question about clear. I’ve been painting a car body. I have the doors removed that way I can do the jambs and body all at the same time. I used my iwata mini gun to get the jambs sprayed good with base. It allowed me to get all the little tight spots good, but now when I spray the universal clear how should I go about it?

I’m afraid if I use my lph-400 and try to do the jambs and sides of the car all at once I will either get runs in the jambs from trying to get in all the right spots and end up putting on too much clear. If I use the mini gun to clear jambs first it will leave dry overspray on the panels next to the jambs.
Looking for opinions on how you guys would approach this.
Thanks again.
Hard to describe but I’ll try - when I do the jambs with the big gun you have to be quicker . I just do a lot of flicking of the wrist till it looks wet - quick flicks with probably 75% or more overlap. I had problems in tight spaces , I had never seen anyone spray clear coat- I pulled it up on YouTube. I noticed how fast they spray in small areas.