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Red paint.

Hi guys. New to the site here, just wanted to say Hi and see what suggestions you guys might have for me.

I'm looking to attempt my first paint job on my 1966 Mustang. Originally I wanted to paint it the factory "signal flare red" but had trouble finding someone that can actually make that color. Everywhere I went said the color used discontinued toners due to the lead in it and they have no substitute.

Eventually I did find 2 places where I can get the color. The first one is urekem. They sell a kit on there website for around $350 I think it was. After doing some research, I don't think I want to take the chance with that paint. Do I?

The second place I found was local. They said they still have some of the old pigments laying around and can mix me up a gallon in the PPG dbu brand. The only problem with them is, I was quoted $1300 for paint, clear, activator, and reducer. That is more than I am willing to spend on my first paint job.

So now I have decided I will settle for any red that is somewhat close. I would really love to put a metallic or pearl red on, but with this being my first paint job I want the easiest paint possible to try and eliminate the screwups I'm going to have. I have come across 3 paints that I am currently considering. Torch Red in the Deltron 2000 brand, Poppy Red in the SW OE classics brand, and I want to try and get some chips of the SPI reds. I found the Deltron on Ebay for around $350 after shipping, the SW was like $320 online, and the SPI is right around there as well.

So, what is everyone's experience with these paints? Is anyone of them better for an inexperienced painter? I keep seeing people on this site mention Wanda and Motobase paints, but I can't find them anywhere. I plan on using SPI clear, and SPI epoxy primer. When I order my primer, I should order the red right?


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