Question about flash times



I was reading the article "The Perfect Paint Job" and it talks about waiting for Epoxy primer to "flash about 30 minutes then apply a second wet coat" and also the same thing for the 2k primer. But when selecting the products from the PRODUCT LINES menu, the information there says nothing about flash time for the epoxy, but for the 2k primers it says "Spray one wet coat and let it flash 3-5 minutes, then apply a second coat."

So which should it be 30minutes or 3-5 minutes?

Check out the tech manual under that same drop down. It gives flash times for everything.

Epoxy is 10-30 minutes

2k is 3-5

One thing that might be confusing is that any Perfect Paint Job would take all fash times to the upper end of what is recommended. Generally speaking, the longer you wait between coats, the safer you are going to be.

If I am in a hurry, I will wait atleast until the paint changes color-when it flattens out a bit. This is the bare minimum.
a lot depends on temp. you want to let solvents escape, but you want coats to bind as well...