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Protective Film for Painted Surfaces

I have some spring loaded bullet style latches on a custom tailgate. They tend to scratch the paint before reaching they hole they lock into.
What type/brand of clear film would work best to protect the paint in those areas? It wouldn't need to be more than an inch wide and maybe an inch and half long.


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I tried xpell? for rocker where my wheelchair hits. Didn't last 1 day. For rubbing as you desire, sounds good.
Mine might've been fake, claimed to take hits from stones, chains, but my chair laughed at it. Very soft the film is.
Universal clear is still good where the protective film aint no more.
I plan on heating, shaping thin polycarb there.
Eddie, that is why I posted here before buying anything. There are so many no name brands out there and the prices are all over the map, very easy to get taken.


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68- how'd that 3M ppf work out?

Aaking cause i'm waxing (carnuba) my car & just noticed chip where i hit wheelchair on door jam quarters edge.
Stuff i used on rocker panel tore up within a week. Eventually i'll form a piece of poly carb for rocker.
I have it on the truck but haven't opened or closed the tailgate enough to tell yet.
I'll give an update in a couple of days. I am sure that it will be much better than having no protection at all and the film seems pretty stout.


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68- you have a micrometer laying around to measure thickness of ppf with backing peeled off?
I'll measure what i used later.


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Eddie I don't have any links at the moment but I know there is stuff out there that would handle occasional bouts with your chair. The factory stuff on some cars and trucks is pretty tough and thick. I think thickness is the key. I'll keep my eye out and let you know if I find anything.


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I looked for mine to measure & so far house ate it.
C i agree thickness is key. Mine is thinner then what i saw on newish vette the guy had installed.
Thank you sir. Searched high & low to find mine & did. Less then 9 thousandths mine is.
If i can later i'll call actual co & ask specs. I likely got a knock off.
Cleaned up for Irma so now i can't find anything lol.