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Protecting unreachable areas

In the process of restoring my 1949 Chevrolet 3800. I have the cab stripped down and working on replacing rust and dents. In the process of working on it I have had a few thoughts on how to address this, but wanted to get the opinion of those of you who have more experience.

Had to pull the drivers cowl panel. Behind it is the support and backside of the interior panel. Both have bad rust. It is open and I can't just let it be. Also the underside of the dash and along areas that won't get painted, but just shot with epoxy before finish goes down. These are also areas where sanding is impossible and sandblasting is almost impossible as well.

Could I just dip a painting mitt in Ospho and rub it on the areas that I know will not be getting paint? I have heard of ospho and epoxy not getting along. Other tips? Thanks in advance. Wasn't sure where was the best place, so move if needed to a more appropriate area in the forum.
I'll look into that. Thanks Strum! I would presume that just spraying epoxy over rust is delaying the rust to work its way back through the epoxy? The areas are mostly surface rust from 1949 where the factory didn't spend time painting. If I just contorted my body to get to the areas and shoot with epoxy, am I safe to assume that it will give me a warm fuzzy feeling but not actually do any good to stop rust from further progressing?

It has lasted this long...I'm inclined to see if it will outlast me. But if there is a good fix now, now is the time to do it.