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Polyester primer over epoxy after 5 days


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Have some epoxy blocked out with 100 grit has been 5 days since I’ve sprayed is it safe to go straight to poly or do I need to do a redcoat then poly in two days?
I'd say you're fine spraying the poly. I would most likely end up with rub throughs if I blocked epoxy with 100, so I'd end up spraying more epoxy to for that reason. If that isn't the case, I'd say you'll be fine.

Why did you block the epoxy if you were planning on using poly?


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As long as you give the Epoxy 48 hours at or above 70 degrees you are fine spraying poly over it. Like Strum I wonder why you are blocking the Epoxy if you are planning on spraying poly over it. If you have any sand through areas you should spray more epoxy before you spray any poly prime.