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Pitfalls of flanged seams

Ok, you guys have heard me talk incessantly about the downside of using flanged seams in sheet metal repair, discussing the ghost lines that can and will occur with these type of repairs. Today I got a short video to show the effect. This car was neat as a pin, with extensive rust repair performed, in basically the same locations as the 55 we're working on. The only flaw I could find in the paint was a line in the finish where the rear tailgate repair patch was seamed. I asked the owner if he had used flanged seams in the repair, and he said yes. He did offer for me to take pictures that others may learn from it..

Butt welds people!!!!!!!

I did a 69 Nova quarter panel with 3M panel bond and flanged the seam .no rust BUT can see the ghost line in the sun may not help that the car is black . The owner does not want to repair as don't bother him. I do but weld now. PS: overcast day looks great!