Pearl midcoat over pearl/metallic basecoat for stripe


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I am at the point where I need to decide on a basecoat and whether I want to try to "ghost" the stripe on dad's 1969 Dart Swinger 340. What has been decided is that the basecoat will be a red pearl or metallic. This will be a BC/CC job, with the exception of the stripe should I do it. Two real questions. First off... if I decide not to do the stripe right now and instead come back later to do it, I am assuming that it will be a simple matter of sanding the clear, taping it off, midcoat with pearl and then clearing again. Am I on the right track there? Second... will a pearl (I would assume a neutral color) work in a situation where the basecoat is already a pearl or metallic? Seems I read that pearl over pearl or metallic doesnt turn out very well (of course, I would spray test panels, but if it is known it doesnt work, then I wont try).

Thoughts and alternatives?


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The optimum time to do a stripe is when you are in basecoat. Waiting till after complicates things and forces a lot of unnecessary work which can in turn lead to mistakes problems etc. I have covered it before (procedure on how to do stripes) so I won't go over it again now (don't have the time) search my posts and you can find several times I've covered it.
It is easier for a number of reasons, one big one is that the paint line ridge is much less and easier to bury with clear. It is much less work, only adds a few hours to the time it takes versus doing it after the car is painted and cleared. I get the feeling that shooting the pearl is intimidating you. No reason for that as it is not hard to spray. If you can shoot a metallic job and not have mottling or striping you can shoot a pearl. I've also covered that many times here. Search my posts (not blowing my own horn btw). :)
If you are looking for the stripe to have a distinct look from the rest of the finish pearl over a pearl won't work well. If you are trying to be real subtle you could simply shoot more coats of same color pearl on your stripe area but I've never done anything like that using red. Other colors yes but not red. If you are using a red metallic a good ghost effect would be gold pearl or violet. Jim C has done a lot of custom type painting in all sorts of different color combos maybe he can give you some tips.
Search my posts for some more detailed info on striping and shooting pearl. Might help.


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Thank you! I have read some of your previous stripe posts... I'll have to go back tonight and look again.

As I said, its going to be a metallic or a 2 stage pearl.... so basically the same thing. Yes, we are going for the "barely there" look for the stripe if we do it. Thanks again for the direction!


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I've done lots of ghost flames, but they have always been pearl over a solid color (blue pearl over black, gold pearl over yellow and orange, etc.) Ghosting over a red pearl or metallic may take some experimentation. Adding a little more of the same pearl to the base that is in the formula may be an example. Something that may look good would be a midcoat used on a 3-stage color like Dodge PRK or Ford RR. Experimentation can be fun. Just spray a test panel the color you choose, tape off some stripes, and try some stuff :)