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Painting Z28 stripes

I'm painting my 69 Z the factory orange with white stripes. My plan is to spray enough white so I can take it off then shoot the car in orange , remove the masking and clear the entire car. My worrie is that I cant get the stripes maskes off and shoot the body in the time window for the white base. My question is can I shoot the white the a coat of clear as a preservative over the white. My thinking is it will stop the clock and I can take my time laying out thr stripes. Any suggestions...
Use hardener in the base as in the perfect paint job. If it stays in the booth or in whatever garage you are painting in, re-coat window should not be an issue at all. I paint main color first, let it sit overnight, mask and scuff with a gray pad and paint stripes. untape it after last coat on stripe flashes and clear it all after that. If you are really scared do a coat of intercoat clear on hood and trunk before stripes. Absolutely no need to clear the car twice just to lay stripes. Base coat re-coat windows are for collision shops and are minimums not maximums. I would base a car and clear a month later if it never leaves the booth.
I shelved the paint progress on my 72 Z last fall when I ran out of warm weather so its time to put together a plan to continue. This will be my first time with stripes so this thread got my attention My original thoughts were to lay down the main white activated base, wait 4-8 hours tape off stripes, spray black base then clear entire part. From my understanding I need to get clear on the base within 24 hours max (motobase). with my inexperience with stripes the 24 hour time crunch is a concern so clearing the main color before the stripes seems to be a good option for me. Are there any advantages to intercoat clear over just using universal clear? Also, Do I understand correctly I can clear directly over clear blocked with 400?