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I am prepping my 1972 Chevy C-10 for paint and am currently working on the doors and Cab. I have sanded some areas to metal due to rust, used rust encapcilator and then epoxy primer, sanded and then 2K high build sanded to 800. I am going to be using House of Kolor Kandy paint S2-03-36 for my paint.

How do I know when I am done sanding the last coat of primer, I am using guide coat as well and things seem level when I finished my sanding?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Depends on the level of finish you're going for and your experience level. If it's a show truck or if you want it to be laser straight, it may take a few applications of 2K and blocking. If it's a driver, you might be done. One way to check now that you've (assumed) blocked the 2K to your liking, you can use a pump sprayer or a pressure sprayer or even a rag wet with W&G remover to wet the surface and simulate a clear coat to help you judge it. I'm by no means an expert, but this is what I've learned.

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Well darn, do I have to sand it all back to metal, the rust inhibitor I used said to use non-water based primer over it before painting, so that's what I did. I used Permatex spray....

Jim C

i would strip it all back down. you cant use rust treatments. not only are they acid based and paint will just peel off of them but they are a gimmick also. there is no magical liquid you can put over rust to make it ok to paint over. the rust has to be removed then the bare metal be put in epoxy primer.


From their instructions on the link you provided:

  1. Use gloves to prevent staining of hands.
  2. Scrape or wipe off dirt & oil. Sand or wire brush rusted surface.
  3. Shake well before using.Pour a small amount of Permatex® Rust Treatment into a separate disposable container. Do not return unused material to bottle, or dip the applicator into the original bottle, as contents may be prematurely activated.
  4. Brush or sponge on a thin layer using long thin strokes. Try to contain Rust Treatment to rusted area being treated as product will stain surrounding paint. Remove splatters with detergent and water immediately.
  5. A black coating will begin to appea rin 15-30 minutes. Apply a second thin coat within 20 minutes, to produce a uniform color.
  6. Allow 24 hours protected from moisture before top coating. Acrylic latex finish paints require a solvent-based primer/sealer before painting. Lacquer/enamel-base paints may be used without a primer.
  7. Clean brushes and other tools immediately after use with detergent/water.
  8. For Automotive Applications (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUTOMOTIVE EXTERIOR SHEETMETAL REPAIRS): Allow an extra 24 hours drying time to allow trapped moisture to evaporate before top coating. For a smooth finish, use sandable primer and sand with 220 grit or finer sandpaper before top coating.

I'd surmise they don't want you using it on automotive exterior as they've already had enough failures to make it to the instructions page.
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