Here I go overthinking again. Cab is near ready. 2k regular build is blocked out to 320. A few small areas on the dash and some edges have bare metal showing. Black epoxy and polyester primer is showing through in some areas. Inner kick panel has a sizable area of filler showing. I don’t think I have enough 2k on it to wet sand to 400/600. I know there’s a million ways to do this from here…. Would you guys do two coats of unreduced epoxy and then wet sand? Or shoot a reduced coat and another coat of 2k? The interior will be a different color so I won’t be shooting everything at once. I still need to seam seal the line on the cab and floor, I was going to do that now….I know I’ll get a lot of different opinions on how to proceed. I’m a bit stuck though. I’ve been staring at it for a few days trying to decide. 5B5F5EE7-B92B-4529-A3A8-E807C445F0C5.jpeg72F403E6-151A-4BBE-9CA9-D74A7814A0F2.jpeg9AE32582-1683-4A87-8A3E-FEDA47BAE6D6.jpeg3F571380-C3A3-4A90-8F6A-E0B40602296B.jpeg8735EA63-C0F8-4485-B39A-82B205B278FD.png
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Sprayed 2 coats but it’s crater city. :(( I’m breaking through as I’m trying to sand out all craters. Argh.
Just a final picture of it all together (and running :)). It’s not perfect but for a first paint job I think it’s better than good. Thanks all for the help and guidance, this forum was a huge help. SPI epoxy and 2k primer and a gallon or so of poly primer. I’m sure I used twice as much product as you pros but I figure I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Thanks again!


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