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Orange peel

I did a full paint on a ford focus I put 2 good coats of clear. I let booth fan run around 20 minutes when finished. Looked like glass. Next day it was just major orange peel. What happened?? Any ideas...
The tech manual says that the fan should be turned off within a minute,there is leeway here, of either spraying the last coat or after overspray is evacuated. This applies to all of the clears.


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Did it also dieback? Meaning lose gloss. Without any details we are all just guessing. Three things it could be. Not allowing the sealer to properly flash before basecoat. Not allowing enough flash time between coats of base. Not allowing your base enough time to flash before clearing. Leaving the fan on could do it, but it would be less likely than the other 3 things. I may be wrong about the fan time as I always turn mine off as soon as overspray evacuates.


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Limco is like Nason to me, It always seems to lay out nice and then just pinches up hard when it cures.

The reason I asked what clear early on in this thread is due to the fact that ive never had that issue with SPI clears. usually what you spray is what you get.