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Opening New Jobber Store - Looking for Ideas

Discussion in 'Business Talk' started by getawaycars, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    After 12 1/2 years as a mobile SPI jobber, I am opening a brick and mortar location.

    If you could design your own jobber store, what would you want it to do, sell, etc.?

    Or want it NOT to do?
  2. EddieF

    EddieF Top Banana


    1st thing comes to mind is razor blades. Simple as it sounds, i bought a pack at local, made in usa, i was thrilled.
    Edges dug in primer of hood i was razoring clear/base off of with ease with what i had.
    Test what you sell. I tried taking edges off with no luck. Tossed em.
    Get a reputation for selling just the good stuff. I'll never buy them there again.
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  3. DATEC

    DATEC Member

    I would want it to have people experienced in what they are selling, first hand experience. Every salesman I talk too I can smell their inexperienced B.S. reciting what the rep told them to say or they read in a sales flyer. Don't talk down a product unless you know first hand. As you can tell I dislike B.S. I hear it everyday as do alot of customers that will come in.

    I would like to see a better selection of compounds and glazes with cleaning supplies like assorted micro fiber towels, car washes and clay bars. Also buffing pads both foam and wool 2", 2" thick wool does make a differance it is the only wool I will use (Schlegel 2"), metal measuring sticks like the ones from PPG are also very handy far better then the plastic measuring cups.
  4. El Toro

    El Toro Member

    Good Luck pretty much what DATEC said. Informed counter people. My jobber has 4 locations and the home store has a open house every year with factory reps , sales promotions and good food. What line of other paint ( s ) will you carry?
  5. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    I have thought about starting later in the morning and staying open in the evening, maybe 10am to 7pm, in order to accommodate DIY business.
    I also plan on a daily delivery in the early afternoon.
    Do you think this would work for the shops?
  6. DATEC

    DATEC Member

    yea and after hour deliveries would be cool to with payment over the phone or cash upon delivery.
  7. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    What about weekends?
  8. elwood

    elwood Registered Users

    One jobber I knew of that painted on the side would test spray guns and pass the results on to prospective buyers. Sold quite a few that way.
  9. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    Thanks Eddie!
  10. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    I was going to have a grand opening once the store is set up. It will probably be a BBQ.

    Would a Friday or Saturday be better?

    Would a small give away like t shirts or a drawing for something bigger like a spray gun be better?

    Any other suggestions?
  11. Jorge M.

    Jorge M. Member

    Maybe do both so no one feels left out, more money but might as well go big. Once in a lifetime opportunity I guess.
  12. catso

    catso Newbie

    Sometimes the little things go a long way in gaining a solid customer base; selling incidental items, longer hours, off-hours deliveries, personal contact, etc. I wish you luck.
  13. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    Thanks. I have been stocking a lot of incidentals as well as opening on Saturday. I'm very pleased with the progress so far.
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  14. El Toro

    El Toro Member

    Good Luck hope you have a good turn out. Is it today? And what is your location?
  15. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    It's July 15th from 11am to 3pm.
    My location is 729 Grantham Ln Bdlg 5E New Castle De.
    If anyone is in the area, feel free to stop by.
  16. getawaycars

    getawaycars Member

    If anyone is in my area, please feel free to stop in.
    Open House 2017.jpg
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