What non automotive work are you guys doing? I need some variation. How did you come about it? Thanks!


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JimC talked about how he did it in a thread not too long ago. I don't remember which. If you search JimC's posts you'll find it.


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I'm working as a painter but friends offered me to go to tile installation. They gave nice numbers of income for that. Don't know if it truth

Jim C

you can make good money in the construction industry. tile being one of them. the work itself sux though. you are on your hands and knees for 10-12 hours a day and the thinset and grout destroy hour hands. your skin will be split on every finger lol. stuff is just really hard on your body...long term anyway.

i remember that other thread chis, i dont remember which one it was either. in any case i believe what i said there was that just about everything you see around you had some sort of paint or coating on it. it just a matter of finding how what commercial or manufacturers are near by you that need to have a coating put on their product. key here is to find more expensive items as well. you dont want to be painted products that cost 20 bucks and your painting for $1 a piece. think big money stuff! on the wood working side of things i found a few custom cabinet/furniture makers. these guys are wood workers not finishers so most would rather not mess with the finishing. if you can do fancy more custom finishes on wood, etc then interior designers are another good source since they are working with the wood workers to make a custom piece and can work with you to put the special finish on.


I turn to woodworking in the winter.
I'm building some cabinets for a customer right now.
but my real love is custom furniture.
Like this walnut and cherry set for my two grandsons.


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if you like the body work/ paint side of things, let all your glass companies in the area know you can fix architectural metal onsite/ installed.. i could do it full time If I wanted...interesting but can be aggravating dealing with construction managers