New Base/Clear gun recommendations for the DIYers in the $200-$400 range


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Have any of you had any luck with new base/clear guns in the $200-$400 range? I/we get calls and emails all the time from the hobbyists who only have one car to paint but don't want to buy a premium gun.
Recommended to me on this forum is the Devilbiss Tekna Copper. I did lots of research on it and I'm convinced its the gun for me. I also ordered the Dekups system in 24 and 32 oz. for the gun. The gun (uncupped) because I have the dekups, with the 1. 3and 1.4 tip and nozzles run about 350-360. I found it brand new at for $363 but they give you free shipping and an automatic 10% discount for orders over $200. If I remember correctly the gun would come out to about $322 with free shipping.
I just got one on ebay, 6 months old with both tips and accessories for $210 shipping. Should have it tomorrow.
Read great things about the gun and couple good youtube videos as well.

Good luck with your choice.
The Tekna is a great value gun. I have used it and it does work quite well. I have used Iwata's, Sata's and the Tekna, and I wouldn't say that the Sata or Iwata is light years ahead of it, especially for the price/value.
If I remember correctly there are three tekna models. The pro-lite, easy clean, both of which are black in colkr and the copper which is cooper in color.
This is just my opinion, but the best bang for your buck for an overall gun is the devilbiss prolite. I do think the best of all of them as far as a clear gun is the LPH400, but the prolite isnt far behind IMO, and I'm sure the more I play with it I will get my adjustments down on it.

I have never sprayed with a newer sata so I cannot comment on that, all of the pics I see on facecrap and instagram indicates that it lays out a really nice finish(in the right hands)

Bottom line is, be it a higher level Devilbiss(tekna or prolite), iwata or sata youll be all set and you just have to get your gun adjustments down.

The prolite with the TE20 cap lays out metallics far better than my copper with the 7e7 cap. The copper will lay out some clear, but you have to crank it up!

Again, just my $.02
Shine have you tried the Tekna guns? I paint almost everyday, and I must say they are a great value. If you want a "perfect" finish you must cut and buff, no matter what gun you use. I do own several Sata's, and Iwata's and they are great, but the finish off the gun isn't that much better. I'm curious to see how the new Sata 5000 sprays, from what I hear people are liking them.
The Devilbiss GTI Millennium can be had for under $400 and I have real good results with it, you also get 3 differant size tips in the kit.

This ones way cheeper then I paid when they 1st came out . It's still my primary paint gun with no problems what so ever.

This would be a no brainer IMO.
One of the more important things that is often overlooked is how it feels in your hand. I have always went to Devilbiss when others were going with Sharp. Sharps never felt good in my hand especally their cup fed guns just too big and clunky feeling/looking the Devilbiss just felt good to me and still does. I just bought an Iwata LPH80 (1.0 e4 cap) and have yet to use it (small little guy) for jams, spotting and small projects but I figured for $210 with cup and regulator WTH give it a try.

For average size to smaller hands you would want a grip to be smaller and thinner with average to larger hands then a gun with bigger and thicker grip would be best. The person who has average sized hands will IMO have to hold both to see which would feel best to them. If it dosen't feel good then they just wont be comfortable with painting.

Waterborne or solvent base paint is also a need to know question also not all guns can or should do both.
I used a gti millennium for 10 years and never had a problem with it as far as working. The only complaint I can come up with is being heavy. I'm a smaller person so it just didn't fit my hand but a very good gun for the price. I have a iwata lph 400 now and it works for me a lot better. I seems to use less material, wider fan and a lot lighter. As far as light metallic colors I haven't painted many yet so we'll have to see.
Along the lines of the GTI Devilbiss is the Devilbiss Plus gun that was popular about 8 or so years ago. This was a "hybrid" gun and it did spray clear coat quite well. They are still being made and they are under $300 new and around $200 used. This would be a great gun for anyone, many painters used to use the GTI for base coat and the Plus gun for clear....not a bad combo for the price!
I use a Tekna Pro-lite for base and single stage but I have sprayed clear through it and it will give my Iwata LS400 a run. Way cheaper, easier to clean, and sprays nice. Total surprise for the money.

I also used to spray clear with a GTI plus gun and it was a nice sprayer also. This gun felt clunky to me though and went to Iwata's because of the feel.

Shine is right though about buying a gun and reselling it. Buy a good one and somebody will always want it. Of course I think you can heap the Tekna's into this category and they have a good reputation.
I just got my copper in the mail. 1.3 and 1.4 tip. I took it apart and its all nice and clean. No scratches on the body either. Came with the dekups and 3m adapters. I just shot some thinner through it and it is operating as it should. Settings operate as they should as well. Fan looks good. Cant wait to get some paint through it. Feels good in my hand and not clunky at all.

Good luck with your choice.
I see that now. The copper is cheaper, and comes with a regulator. I don't mind spending a few dollars more. I want the most versatile gun, better quality gun.
First bast job I sprayed with the prolite was a charcoal metallic Porsche that came out great. Even had a Autorama Great 8 finalist comment on how well it was sprayed. I think it does a nice job with metallics.

Never sprayed a LPH400 but I do like my LS400 HVLP also. (overpriced, it looked cool and I impulse bought one after trying it out). Probably the hybrid version would be nice. My old W400 was a great deal also. I think they are a little cheaper than the LPH guns. It just used a lot of material. It was my base/clear gun for many years. Did a fine job on silver metallics also. Back then I didn't have a lot of differen't gun swaps to compare it to but It sprayed clear better than any gun I have or have used. It just used a lot of material and would cloud my booth. Hvlp's I had to compensate by jacking up the airpressure and going slower than my W400. I should get it out and see what it can do, haven't used it in years.
I have the Tekna Copper and the Iwata LPH400 silver cap. At first I was using the 1.3 tip in the Tekna and struggling a bit with it. I switched to the 1.4 tip and lowered the PSI to around 18 with trigger pulled for base and 20-22 for clear and things started working much better.
The Tekna has a much wider fan than the Iwata and that helps with completes but the Iwata has a softer spray to it and that is nice when shooting clear.
Personally I have shot epoxy, base and clear through both guns and find either one will do a quality job. You just have to find the sweet spot that works for you.