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Needing some advice on 1st time painting


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I took my 67 Ford truck apart and had the doors, hood, and fenders media blasted last week. He's now doing the bed and won't have it done until next week. I am planning on shooting it with epoxy primer but have I waited too long with the doors, hood and fenders? I've kept them inside the garage and it is now starting to flash rust. I was going to paint it once I got it back but I don't have a paint booth and I took on another job so my time is limited. Should I just buy epoxy primer in a can(s) and hit it fast?
Depending how bad the flash rust is, you could use red scotch brite or 80 grit on a DA to get it off. Especially if you're new to this, don't wait for the bed. You have enough parts to worry about prepping and painting at one time.
If you want to follow the directions here, you can hit it with a can, as long as you plan to remove all of it before spraying again. You are either going to use 80 grit on a DA to knock off the surface rust or 80 grit on a DA to remove the rattle can primer later.
I would say one mistake you are making is taking too much on at once. This type of work is best approached slow and methodically with ample time to do it. I can tell you as someone that has nearly completed my first job that everything takes longer than you will probably anticipate.
Now that is some truth!! I have been learning that as well. Pros can paint everything all at once no problem, but for me it's just too intimidating and I am glad I broke it up in to smaller sessions.