More epoxy or 2k primer after poly primer?


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Ok so my car is now in featherfill g2. All panels. Some are 3 weeks old some are 3 process this far has been..

Bare metal entire vehicle and epoxy.
Filler over epoxy, and re epoxy...
180 grit the epoxy, and re epoxy.
180 grit again and epoxy.
48hr later, poly primer.

This is where I'm at. I plan to 220 the feather fill, re guide coat and 320 or 400.

After that I dont know if I should re epoxy it all. Or 2k primer.

I feel it doesn't need high build 2k. I feel some areas didn't even need poly primer but I did it anyways to be consistent .

So my question is 2k regular build? Or more epoxy? This would be over 320-400 grit sanded poly primer.

I was thinking more unreduced epoxy, and then 600 wet and seal it. But then again I don't know what I'm doing half the time lol
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I’m a hack but I see no point in taking poly to 320/400 if you’re going to spray epoxy or 2K over it. Get it straight in 220 then epoxy followed by 2k if you like. Then finish to 400. No need for 600 wet unless you are doing some fancy metallics imho. I have never done 600 wet before sealer. Apply your reduced epoxy sealer and then base.

What color are you planning?

Mandatory backyard hack disclaimer inserted here. ;)

The color is a metallic so I was thinking 600.


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600 wet won’t hurt but reduced epoxy will fill 400 scratches easily imho. I know there are some who will disagree, there are many ways to achieve a good result.

I treat poly primer like filler.
Only use it when needed (car has a ton of issues that would requiring skimming with filler), sand most of it off to get just the lows filled, then you can cover with epoxy if you wish or go straight to 2k primer.