Mixing Motobase LV


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Last night I crossmixed my gallon and a half of motobase. I do not have a mechanical shaker so I shook each can by hand for 2-3 mins. Then I opend and stick stirred each. I noticed that no matter how long i stirred I kept getting milky white swirls in stirring. I literally stirred each can 20 mins or so taking special care to drag the bottom grooves to get any and all settled pigments mixed but this never stopped. Is this normal? I had the same thing in both cans, even after cross mixing.
What is the color? You will always see swirls in the paint when stirring it with a stick. How it looks in the can and how it looks when atomized are 2 different things.
60's VW color L360 Seablu. Color looks fine in can just didnt know if this was normal or if it would be seen in coat once sprayed. Its not alot and I have not ever sprayed base so just wanted to check.
No help but the Harbor Freight air powered paint shaker is a quality piece!
Catch it on sale or with a coupon and it's a lovely way to mix paint. I love setting it up and just letting it rip for 20 minutes or so. It shakes all over the place as advertised so bolting it down is a problem.

My solution turned out to work very well. I have a small utility trailer with flat topped fenders. I match drilled the holes in the base of the shaker and bolted it down to the trailer fender. Now it shakes but the rubber tires absorb most of it so the trailer does not dance across the floor.

Downsides are taking it off and on the trailer compared to mounting it somewhere permanent. I have yet to figure out a good way to use this for shaking spray cans either. Seen the Saws All method and that is an idea but I already have the nice air powered one that I wanted to use.
My Motocryl did the same thing. No matter how much or how long I mixed…
I started spraying on a weekend so I couldn’t call the supplier to find out if it was normal or what to do…so I sprayed it. I still have another two coats to put down after I flatten with 600 so figure I can get a shaker before then if necessary. I could see no difference in color, shade or variations on all the panels I sprayed.
Is it advisable to turn the can upside down when using a paint shaker to release any solids from the bottom of the can?
I’ve never had a color that didn’t do that. As mentioned, when it gets atomized it all gets mixed.

Basecoat doesn’t have a lot of solids, it’s just pigment basically. If you scrape the bottom of the cab with your stir stick and feel nothing and are getting no solids coming up on the stir stick then you’ve got it.

I mix in figure 8’s for about 2 min then send it.