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Magnets as a 3rd hand


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I'm a paraplegic so holding paper/plastic/whatever is hard to line up AND apply tape all with 1 1/2 hands cause i have to support myself or i'll fall over so...

Used neodymium magnets i bought for many things (masking wasn't one) to simply hold one end of plastic sheet and wow did i get it perfect in no time, applied tape- done. Next.

Wheelwell- used a 1" x 1" cylinder shape magnet (pulls 60lbs) to hold cardboard cutout which was thick AND thru some plastic to grab some metal.

Tarps- used magnets to hold plastic down so it wouldn't blow in the breeze while spraying.

Bumper filler- 90's Caddy, headlights out, used magnets to hold plastic to headlight bracket, keeping it away from bumper filler.

Just did it Thursday came out great. 4 heavy coats of universal.

I will be getting epoxy coated magnets though. I wrap mine with tape. Too brittle & could scratch.
Yep, magnets can be very helpful. Neodymium taped to pieces of pencil used to hold a template in place while making adjustments.

Along with the magnet idea. I like to crack open desktop computers and grab the magnets out of the hard drive. They're about 1 1/4" long, 3/4" wide and about an 1/8" thick. SUPER strong. If you throw them on a metal desk you cant pick them up. You have to slide it off the edge to get it.
I put on on the bottom of my oil filter on each of my vehicles especially on older cars where some say cams and lifters can let go and clog the filter. I also keep one on the inside lid of my toolbox and put my open single edge razors on it. That way I know where they are and their not just lying around.
I have a bunch of old car speaker magnets that I use to hold the plastic down
that I mask the car with. Also, the magnetic parts trays that Harbor Freight sometimes give
away free work real good, they have a rubber base so they're safer on the metal.
ditto. i save all old speaker magnets . i use them for everything. great for holding a patch panel . i coated some with flexseal to use on painted surface if i need too. haven't used them yet but i'm ready :)


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Great for running wires too.
Tool exists consisting of plumb bob looking mag & other on paint roller type handle.
Drop one down wall on string, steer it with other right to your hole.
Mags i got are so strong, you hear the click and can let go of the one on wall.
Even pull thru insulation if pointy and magnatized diametrically meaning diameter, not top/bottom. It'll rotate as you roll other mag on wall. Requires strong ones.


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Got 2 options- do all u can and be happy or be pissed off sad angry hate the world from hospital bed then death lol.
The only thing that eats me often is trying to get wheelchair parking spot as i watch people jump out in them.
Decal i need cleared over should read something like disabled not old. No idea how many dirty looks i get before i get out.
Doctors oath do no harm well, they have no clue the harm they cause handing out passes. Yes i hope they trip lol.

Edit- true seniors that walk slow i don't wish bad things. It's the 50-60yr olds that could carry me that can go scratch.
Ok pizza time :)
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Eddie, I understand your frustration with the non-disabled people taking your parking spots, kinda like a prius taking the home depot PRO parking area to go in & get a paint sample when I'm trying to park a lift gate commercial box truck to pick up 6000 pounds of lumber. Kinda makes you wish the lift gate truck wasn't plastered like a billboard so you could show them why NOT to park there.:oops: Whoopsie , didn't see your car behind all that plate steel behind me.

On the subject of magnets, I think it would be beneficial to have more knowledge on em for our uses. If my history is correct, I think it was the use of rare earth magnets in top fuel car magnetos that helped them finally get under the 5 second mark years ago.

Some days magnets are like clamps, you can't seem to round up enough good ones for the job.
Really good ones can come from odd sources. I get some at work from these door blinds between glass units that chase the blinds hardware through the glass. Was playing with a pair still inside the plastic handles last year when they grabbed & pinched my skin on both hands between them so tight I couldn't physically pull them apart without a free hand & had to use my teeth to slide apart. Yea, ouch , careful what you play with.

Now one of my dream tools to make would be a pinpoint electromagnet unit strong enough to remove nails. That would be badass.