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Light dust. California Car Duster or Griots Speed Shine and new MF towel?

My wife gave me a set of California Car Dusters (lg and sm) for Xmas about 15 years ago. They've been in my shop ever since and I've never once used them.
I was cleaning the garage today and figured I should probably get rid of them if I'm never going to use them.
What's the word on these things, should they be avoided?

I have used Griot's Speed Shine but only with a new micro fiber towel and it seems to work pretty well.
I'm only talking about a car that's been washed very recently, hardly driven if at all and maybe just has a very small amount of dust on it.
My car is a very dark midnight blue. The California Duster is a great tool to remove the pollen and dust that settles on the car sitting in the garage or at a cruise in. They work great, But.........They contain a waxy substance to help them pick up the dust. They have no place in or around auto body work. Do not mistake it for a tack rag type of tool.

I would never use a California Duster on anything but a completed car after final paint.

Thanks John.
Have you ever tried the Griot's Speed Shine spray?
I wonder if it is a better thing to use than the California Duster which drags the picked up dust across the surface without a liquid lubrication?
I use both detailer and the duster. The duster is great for just that... Dust. It won't remove bugs, water spots or anything else that is stuck to rhe car.

I use detailer, (right now Chemical Guys) on my car every week or two in the summer time when I am driving it. The duster is run over the car pretty much everytime it goes out. The duster is gently run over the car without pressure and should not damage your paint. It is much less aggressive than a rag or towel.