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let's talk sanding

Discussion in 'Wetsanding /Polishing / Detailing' started by shine, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Mike K

    Mike K Face your Fears

    That IS the 'fun' with this gig.Most everybody has 'their procedure' which comes from Experience using different products.
    There IS 'No magic potion' friends and only Experience with yourself,your tools,products and They will produce what your after. JimC expressed some secrets to me which I will be forever grateful because he knows it.However,I have conversed with Jon Kosmoski,Barry K.and a truck load of other custom painters and you do a 'wet wipe' to SEE the Finish will answer your questions.
  2. Danny23

    Danny23 Newbie

    Agree on the wet wipe you got the tip from Jim,,lol.
  3. Danny23

    Danny23 Newbie

    For the buflex green wet you use the velcro or stick on discs?
  4. Jim C

    Jim C Oldtimer

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