LED Lighting Upgrade


Garage hack at night.....
Homedepot sells a 2x4 led panel that I though about using on my walls. $100 for 2 of them though. I'm so tired of spending money at the moment.


48w , 6000lm , frosted , 6000k , brite white . that is the listing on them . the bulbs in my booth are daylight bulbs . give a real good true color . they have a slight blue hue to them but put out a lot of light . problem is when they get weak you don't realise it until your blind .
they will be here tomorrow and i'll get them swapped out this weekend .


evil painter
Forgot the 4' bulbs I got a few years ago were the 6500's . I got one in my temp work paintbooth next to a 4000k homestore bulb to show the difference. You can turn the 4k bulb on & off next to the 6500K & not see a lighting difference next to the brighter bulb.